Yacht design & construction services

New build or refit with AYPIOSS DEEP Services

Whether you want to refit an existing yacht or consider a new build fully customized to suit your dreams, AYPIOSS Design, Engineering, Expertise and Project (DEEP) services are set to ensure every aspect in the refit of an existing yacht or the construction of a new build.

Project assistance & coordination services
AYPIOSS performs project assistance & coordination services to assist clients in the buying process of an existing yacht and then her refit, or for the design and then construction of new builds.
As part of the project assistance & coordination, AYPIOSS will act as the Client representative to coordinate the work of naval architect, exterior designer, interior designer, interior decorator, engineers, shipyard, suppliers, etc.
Project assistance and coordination services will ensure the client that all his objectives are fulfilled on time and budget and the yacht is delivered to the expected level of quality.

Preliminary design services
On the Preliminary design phase, AYPIOSS is either able to provide the Client with its own internal design, architecture and engineering capabilities, either to assist and advise the Client in selecting and working with a team of naval architect, designers and engineers upon the Client wishes, the project size and complexity or the pedigree wanted for the Yacht.
By conducting either part or all of the preliminary design phase, AYPIOSS will enable to optimize and reduce interactions during the design phase, keeping in mind the smaller the team is, the quicker such phase will be completed.
Who ever the design team is composed with, AYPIOSS will be able to manage 2D and 3D coordination plans, building specifications and continously monitor the design progress in every aspects, so as the project keeps coherent with the Owner wishes and further the construction and equipemnt requirements as well as the rules and regulations.

Development services

Commissioning services

In partnership with renowned naval architects, designers and shipyards, AYPIOSS proposes customizable yacht designs & construction from 50 to 150ft.
18m Couach refit by AYPIOSS
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