Yacht brokerage

All upon the process of acquiring a new or second-hand yacht, AYPIOSS will assist you to target your needs, find an appropriate yacht of any size available, and then will support you regarding all legal, financial and technical aspects up to delivery.

AYPIOSS Yacht Brokerage Services consist primarily in running with you a precise interview to perfectly understand your needs, wishes, tastes, objectives, hobbies, experiences, way of living and cruising program, as well as your expected level of investment. AYPIOSS will then establish a preliminary search definition, advise you and validate with you the kind of yacht to be targeted.

Following this preliminary step, AYPIOSS will hand-select accordingly a first list of yachts, make preliminary visits whenever necessary and submit to you a detailed report for each of them with specifications, photos, plans, budget and a personalized analysis compared to the established preliminary search definition. Whenever necessary, AYPIOSS will conduct further searches and propose additional list of yachts up to your satisfaction.

According your own selection within the supplied list of yachts, AYPIOSS will organize the visiting and trials of selected yachts at your convenience and support and advise you throughout the visits to finalize your choice.

Once your choice finalized, AYPIOSS will act on your behalf to negotiate a purchase agreement, proceed with a yacht survey, collect required information and documents, have legal and financial documents prepared and reviewed and organize when necessary flag registration, taxes, insurance, berth, crew, etc.

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