Home services

From a full permanent package to "A la Carte" temporary needs, AYPIOSS home services are tailored to fulfil in every aspect and to your expectations all management, technical and luxury caretaking services you wish.

Management services

  • Legal & tax services: Together with specialist partners, we assist you with international legal advice for estate planning and taxes optimization to identify the most appropriate scheme as regard to matrimonial and nationality status, purpose and usage of your acquisition and consideration of later resell or inheritance.
  • Financing services: as part of our real estate services, we assist you in identifying the most cost-effective and attractive scheme to finance the purchase of your property or to carry out a renovation or improvements, and assist you in the negotiation of loans with local and foreign financial establishments.
  • Personnel management services: from temporary to permanent personnel, all year long or during your stay, we organize on your behalf the recruitment, management and payroll of your home service personnel.
  • Accounting services: from contracts setup or temporary suspension, to periodic billing and payment, we care about taxes, insurances and every facility such as electricity, water, phone, Internet, TV, remote surveillance and manage your fuel or gas tanks refilling.
  • Mail services: we periodically empty your mailbox, manage invoices and keep or forward to your permanent address all mails received at your villa.
  • Key keeping and villa survey services: we keep safely your property keys and codes and manage periodic or upon requirement visits of your property to enable access to maintenance and repair, aerate your villa and control everything is in order and upon your wishes and requirements for your next stay in your villa.
  • Permanent presence services: whether it is your permanent home and you need to leave temporary, whether your caretakers are away for a while, we will insure a permanent presence is maintained to care about your property and animals staying home.
  • Security services: we manage on-site presence in case of alerts from the remote surveillance service and care on your behalf about any required immediate appropriate actions for damages or security breaches.
  • Reporting services: al work and tasks organized, managed and controlled on your behalf are periodically reported by email to you or your representative with details and pictures.

Maintenance services

  • Periodic maintenances: we organize, manage, survey and control the periodic maintenance visits for your heating/air conditioning system, security system, fireplace and equipments to be regularly controlled.
  • Repair services: we organize with reliable service partners during your absence or upon emergency any repairs needed, we assist the suppliers with our knowledge of your villa and control everything has been correctly repaired.
  • Cleaning services: during your absence, before and after your stay or during your presence, we organize at your frequency requirements regular and full cleaning and laundry services and control that everything has been made to your wises.
  • Gardening services: from regular care of trees, plants and grass to replacement, changes and improvements, we organize with reliable gardening services the maintenance of your garden and watering system.
  • Pool maintenance services: from regular treatment and filling to maintenance of pumps and filters, we organize with reliable gardening services the maintenance of your garden and watering system.
  • Cars maintenance & cleaning services: if you have cars staying at your property on your absence, we care about maintaining and cleaning your cars and have them repaired and ready for your next stay.
  • Renovation & enhancement projects management: to select reliable designers and suppliers, from preparation and budgeting to execution survey and control, we manage locally on your behalf and report you on progress and achievement of your villa's renovation and enhancement projects.

Personalized caretaking

  • Concierge services: we keep a phone call away prior to your arrival and during your stay to provide you the best advices and to organize your bookings for restaurants, private beaches, tennis courts, golf courses, night clubs, etc.
  • Transfer services: for you and your guests, we organize 24x7 car and helicopter transfers and luggage deliveries from and to the various airports and railway stations in the region.
  • Car & chauffeur services: from organizing the rental of the most exclusive luxury cars to provide you with a personal chauffeur all along your stay.
  • Home delivery services: just before our arrival and during your stay, we personally manage and deliver at your villa daily breakfast, press, films, food & beverages, cigarettes & cigars, laundry or anything you need during your stay.
  • Home services: we organize upon your requirements appointments at you villa with hairdresser, massage and beauty care and personal training coach and arrange nanny services night and day to care about your children.
  • Security services: from permanent bodyguard to night guards at your villa, we care about your safety all along your stay.

Events organization services

From supplying a home chef or catering services for home cocktails or dinners to organizing major events in your villa or in any exclusive locations on the French Riviera, we organize and coordinate on your behalf bespoke services for catering, decoration, music, fireworks, guests' transport and security.