Our vision

Most companies are seeking to sell a few products or services to the largest number of clients. At AYPIOSS, we are looking after serving only a few and repetitive clients, and to provide them with any products and services they need regarding their yacht or property, personalized and to the highest level of quality and professionalism.

What you need :
With beautiful seashores and countryside, artistic, gastronomic and traditional culture, places and events together with a pleasant climate, the French Riviera is regarded as one of the most luxurious, glamorous, sophisticated and enjoyable areas on the planet. The French Riviera attracts an international and wealthy clientele for summer vacations onboard yachts and in luxury villas as well as short to long stay throughout the year.
For the French Riviera clientele, vacation or longer stays are also a matter of services, whenever they own their yacht or villa, they rent a villa or charter a yacht. They're looking for them, their family, guests and relatives after everything prepared during their absence and upon their arrival. They are expecting products and services equivalent to the most luxury hotels. They are requesting profesionnal home personel or yacht crew. They need airport and helicopters transfers, car rentals and chauffeur, security services, home hairdressers and wellness, concierge services for restaurant booking, etc. They want the best in class chef services and reception organization services to be able to enjoy dinners and parties with their friends and relatives and many other services to experience ultimate pleasure time during their stay with minimal involvement and time to organize such services.
But aside such an outstanding picture and pleasure time, when you want to charter a yacht or rent a villa, manage a construction or a renovation, own a yacht or a villa, have it properly maintained and managed by trustworthy and reliable suppliers or personel, have services organized for during your stays, manage local authorities, laws and taxes, etc, it can quickly become a time and money consuming nightmare with poor and frustrating results. That may eclipse the pleasure of your stay on the French Riviera, moreover when you have to prepare and manage such multiple needs remotely and facing language barriers. Not to say all required services are not available in the area, but they are spread among a multitude of suppliers with various level of service quality and inconsistent availability, requiring time to find and recruit them and then manage and coordinate the expected services among such various suppliers.

How we do :
AYPIOSS is born from experience as both a daily witness of issues faced by yacht and property owners, and as a professional involved over years project management, team coordination and services delivery.
AYPIOSS vision is on the one hand to provide a local and centralized service, keeping a phone call or email away from you with ability to act locally and efficiently on your behalf ; to fulfill all your needs and deliver a comprehensive and coordinated management service dedicated to service excellence and to your ultimate satisfaction.
AYPIOSS vision is on the second hand to associate yacht & real estate brokerage, design and construction services together with lifecycle management and personalized services throughout your lifetime onboard your yacht or in your villa.
It's because we observe on a daily basis how people are using their yacht or villa, their wishes and constraints and their like and dislike, that AYPIOSS well understands your requirements, knows how to advise you in acquiring a yacht or a villa, supply design and construction or refit services to match your requirements and tastes, being aware of how it shall be constructed, equipped and decorated to bring you a full satisfaction.
It's because we have learned about your expectations and objectives and we have a precise knowledge of your yacht and villa that we will be able to efficiently maintain and manage them according to all your wishes and requirements while we will care of preserving your asset value.
It's because we perfectly know and understand your usage of your yacht or villa that we will be able to meet all your services needs and wishes during your stay.
And it's because we recognize the need to continually experience about offering you an outstanding service excellence and a total satisfaction that AYPIOSS will be able to keep ahead your needs and get your confidence as a repeating client for further acquisitions or rentals, as well as lifecycle management and personalized services.
With a large network of trustworthy and reliable suppliers and service partners all along the French Riviera, AYPIOSS covers the most famous harbors and locations for luxury yachts & properties, from Toulon to Monaco and surroundings. From a single point of contact, AYPIOSS provides you with a large range of services from acquisition or rental support, design and construction project assistance to personalized caretaking, asset lifecycle and personel management services, as well as events and receptions organization services or anything else you wish.